“Money is not a Matter”

Snigdho Dip Howlader
4 min readDec 2, 2020
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The world we live in today has been shaped in such a way, that it can get rather confusing for some of us to set our priorities straight. But regardless of that, one thing is true — our society is one of capitalist ideals. Today, the whole world revolves around money, how to make the most money and how to control the flow, growth and production of money. And amidst all of this, I hold an opinion that most don’t seem to agree with, but today I’d like to talk about. Let’s get things straight first. Most of what I am going to be talking about is my personal experience, and only my experience alone. Disagreeing is perfectly fine, as you may not have had the same experience as I. I am just someone who wants to be financially secure.

To start off, a very common way of society trying to express their view towards money is that “It’s not the only thing that matters” or “There is more to life than money”. To that, I say, absolute nonsense. There may hold some truth to some cases. But for a general civilian who lives their life in an ordinary way, having food to eat everyday and a shoulder above their head may prove to be more important to their mental health than anything else. Seeking education in higher levels while having the potential but not enough to get the scholarship is one of the most tragic things that happen to today’s youth and it’s more damaging to them than one may assume at first. Debts, loans, taxes and etc. have proven to be factors to unhappiness of hundreds of thousands of people world wide today, as well as in the past. Being someone who has to constantly rethink about affording luxury while their acquaintances are drowning themselves in it can be a slow path to feeling morbidly upset. I can go on and on about how often it is that money and it’s lack has proven to be the cause of the unhappiness of someone. And that in itself should be enough reason to stop going around telling people about how they should just be satisfied with what they have. While it is true that there is a lot of greed present in our population who are never satisfied. There are also those who just want to have enough to get by, and are not succeeding at doing it.

Source: https://www.alliantcreditunion.org/money-mentor/climb-to-new-heights-with-certificate-ladder

So let us not go around telling people about how unimportant money is to happiness when all they want is to afford their parents’ medication, their education, their means to work from home, their clothes, and so on. This is the minimal standard for people today and it is perfectly okay to want these and work towards earning these. It is doing no good to go around to people who fall into this category and preach to them about how they should just be satisfied with what they have. Let us not also forget that the financial struggles of someone is not something that they may be comfortable talking about. You may be opening up a box of unresolved issues that lie within them by constantly poking them about this when they absolutely do not want to.

Rather than that, let us spread support and motivation to those who are trying to take themselves to the next level. As long as it is an honest way of earning, let us try and be supportive. Trying to bring them down will do no good, rather than eliminating the attempts of yet another person who had hoped to receive support from the ones they cared about. In the end, financial security has ended up being the cause of happiness for more common people than not. In the end, the means of surviving in this society is the means of money. Leave out the politicians, businessmen and celebrities who are rich enough to end poverty, all we’re left with are people just trying to survive and get by. When the dust has settled and our lives have ended, all that will matter is how did we survive — luxuriously, normally, or badly.

Sincerely — A commoner.



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