Mother’s custard tasted the best,
Loved me with all her will endlessly.
It was all so simple back then I didn’t bother,
I was ready to do whatever needed, carelessly.

Stepping into the 8th year of existence,
Life was seemingly not simple anymore.
They were putting me through a hell I was not aware of,
Down to my very core.

As they put a yellow wristband on me,
As they wanted me to survive their challenges.
I started to see what I was getting into,
My sanity began to creak at it’s hinges.

Five years of hell I survived,

Amazon is a multi-national technology company founded in 1994, situated in Seattle, Washington, United States. Today, it is one of the biggest companies in the world, being worth more than $ 1.7 trillion in 2020. Amazon has various services, but the most prominent service they provide is their e-commerce website, So the real question is, what were the factors behind Amazon’s success? One of the answers to that, is data.

Today, and for many of the last few years, Amazon has made use of every bit of data it could gather from it’s customer base. The kind of data…

Today, most businesses thrive because of one particular factor. Yes, the quality of products, service, efficiency and various factors are crucial to ensure the future of a business. A factor that can possibly ensure success of a business today, that can decide what route a business should take to increase profits, what area to focus on and so on. That single crucial factor is — Data. Data is almost a base-ground on which all successful international businesses stand on.

This severe importance of data exists as data can tell us what customers or clients want. What items they prefer more…


The world we live in today has been shaped in such a way, that it can get rather confusing for some of us to set our priorities straight. But regardless of that, one thing is true — our society is one of capitalist ideals. Today, the whole world revolves around money, how to make the most money and how to control the flow, growth and production of money. And amidst all of this, I hold an opinion that most don’t seem to agree with, but today I’d like to talk about. Let’s get things straight first. Most of what I…

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Often overlooked as a field of study, statistics has grown by a lot in modern computing, business and technology. What was once considered as nothing more than a sector of mathematics, has now become very impactful on modern society on a daily basis. The most important reason for this is that the true roots of data, data analysis and many other related fields are all branched from statistics. Statistics and statistical knowledge helps to implement proper techniques, discover the correct analysis fit and produce the desired results effectively. Statistical concepts are also vastly present in data science, data mining, artificial…

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The term Data Science has been more commonly used in the modern world with each passing day. Be that as it may, it is still not very widely understood by even those who are actively engaged in the field of computer science. For those aspiring to work in the fields business or analytics, or just the economy in general, this term will prove to be very crucial in the upcoming future. The simplest way to define the term “data science” is to imagine the product created from the unification of analysis and statistics, and all things associated with them. Data…

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Match Insights is the software that was used to collect and analyze big amounts of data collected from performance of players. These involved collecting visualized data from on field cameras that would capture massive amounts of data over thousands of data points per seconds, including the physics the motion and position the players followed. The players were then trained according to the patterns and methodical tactics that were developed from the analysis of this big data and therefore, the players were trained with the help of information technology that was sampled over hundreds of thousands of hours worth of data…


In life, we come across many forms and sorts of people. And with them, we also come across many forms and sorts of love. We see many people in their own relationships, ranging from very dysfunctional to being actually happy. The question was raised within me some time ago — what is love? What is the meaning of being with someone? What is the point being with someone? Is it to get rid of loneliness? Is it to just have someone to talk to? What was it? …

As the Going-Merry carried Luffy and his friends to safety in a battered and bruised state, her time was up. Months and years of suffering from canon fire, blunt force and being rammed into had taken it’s toll at last. After being able to proceed a little further, she started to break, bit by bit. The hull started to crack away, the deck fell off and the mast crumbled where it stood. Luffy and his friends managed to get off, reluctantly. Unwilling to accept the demise of what had been responsible for their journey so far. Usopp got off and…


Who exactly are you to tell me how and what I should feel about the passing of the greatest human being I knew in my life? Who are you to tell me that I should feel a particular way about his death? Where do you think you found the right to tell me that I should not say things just because they don’t meet your selfish agenda and requirements? I am one of the two sons of the greatest human being I knew. And I knew him very well. I knew that he was a very hard working person. I…

Snigdho Dip Howlader

A computer science student with interest in data and analytics. Hobbies include illustration, writing and music.

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